Leonard Segal

An Experienced Leader and Advocate

"Now is the time you can have the biggest influence over the quality of your work life"


Leonard Segal

UTLA Board of Directors

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Professional Accomplishments

  • Created the Substitute Teacher newsletter and Handbook
  • Increased the Substitute Teacher Committee budget by over 1,000%
  • Got legislation passed through the State Legislature to help Substitutes
  • Created a website at www.ihelpmyschool.com for Substitutes including an email newsletter you can sign up for at the website
  • Helped Substitutes successfully get benefits from the Employment Development Department
  • As NEA Substitute Caucus President increased the number of UTLA Substitutes that represent our issues at NEA's national convention
  • Successfully passed Substitute Teacher Appreciation Day on a National level by the NEA, by the California Legislature and by the LAUSD Board of Education
  • Created the Substitute Committee Unity Social that attracts the most powerful officials from LAUSD and UTLA as well as State Legislators, and the Los Angeles representatives of the Governor, the State Superintendent and the Mayor to mingle with Substitute Teachers.
  • First to go beyond our regular contractual meetings with the Sub Unit to also meet with other important people like the Chief of Staff of Superintendent Brewer and the Board of Education.
  • "The information herein represents the views and opinions of the candidates and does not necessarily represent or reflect the opinions of the UTLA."

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